Commercial Service

Scully Propane Service provides propane gas to a wide variety of commercial accounts in the greater Delaware valley area. Restaurants, warehouses, motels, office buildings and retail stores rely on propane for cooking and heating much like our residential customers. If space is a concern at your location, underground storage is available. This type of storage allows for more usable parking and a higher degree of safety.

Industrial accounts use our service for metal cutting and powering large furnaces in their manufacturing process. Automatic metered delivery for large accounts, and the use of propane cylinders gives our customers peace of mind when Natural Gas cutbacks threaten their supply. The use of propane gas ensures your production and manufacturing processes will not be interrupted.
When the weather turns cold many building contractors rely on Scully to provide temporary heat to their jobsites. Scully can provide portable 100lb. cylinders as well as large bulk tanks to accommodate your entire temporary heat requirements. Scully can also provide portable heaters ranging from 150,000 BTU up to 1,000,000 BTU's. Again, our automatic cylinder and metered delivery system will keep your tanks full and your buildings warm during construction.
Business owners, especially service stations, are taking advantage of the opportunities that propane filling stations offer. More and more gas grills are becoming the choice for back yard barbecuing. Scully can provide everything you need to start a filling station at your place of business. Scully will also provide safety training and documentation for all of your employees. Give a Scully representative a call if you are interested in enhancing your business with a propane filling station.


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