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The NEW Super Light* and 9100** Series Speedglas ADF helmet

SAVE 15%

*The Speedglas Super Light helmet now comes standard with a spatter protector, cheater adapter and welding beanie.

** The Speedglas 9100 helmet now comes standard with a starter kit (5 Outside Protection Plates, 2 Inside Protection Plates, and a sweat band), Training DVD, and welding cap.

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Understanding the New Hexavalent Chromium Standard





Pipefitters Tools Atlas, BUG-O, Bessey, Contour, Flange Wizard, H&M Pipe, Klein Tool, Mathey Dearman, Sumner

Oxy-Fuel Cutting & Welding

Air Products, ASCO, CONCOA, Flame Tech, Goss, Harris Calorific, National Torch Tip, Oxylance (Burning Bars), Smith, Victor, Western

Power Sources

Eutectic, ESAB, Burco, Hobart Equipment, Miller Electric Mfg., Lincoln Electric Mfg., C-K Systematics, Thermal Arc


Bernard, ESAB, Hobart, Miller, OXO, Piecemaker, Profax, Tweco


CK Worldwide, Diamond Ground Products, HELIARC, KG Products, Sylvania, TEC, Weldcraft, WNI

Carbon Arc

Arcair, Profax

Manual Arc Equipment

Cam-Lok, Bernard, Flex-A-Prene Welding Cable, Jackson, Lenco, Pearson, Tweco

Gas Supply Equipment

Jackson Industries, Western Enterprises, REGO, Rexarc, Sherwood, Swagelok,

Gas Regulation

Air Products, CONCOA, Goss, Harris Calorific, MECO, REGO, Smith, Victor, Western, U.S. Gauge


ESAB, Miller Electric, Plazcraft, Thermal Dynamics-Cutskill


Kaplan, Worthington, Coyne


Atlas, James Morton, Bessey, Flange-Wizard, Wilton, Visegrip


Dynaflux, Eagle Brand, James Morton, Magnaflux, Peterson Flux, Scot Spatter-Padder, Superior Flux, Weld-Aid Products, York

Marking Products

Mark-tex, Markal, Nissen Markers, Potpourri, Red Riter, Silver Streak, Tempil,

Filler Metals


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Mild Steel

ESAB Atom Arc, Harris Welco, Hobart, Hyundai, Inweld, Lincoln, Techalloy, Trimark, Washington Alloys, Weldcote, Weldwire

Flux Cored ESAB, Corex, Hobart, Kobelco, Lincoln, Perfect Circle (Welco), Trimark

Stainless Steel

Eutectic, ESAB, Mckay, Techalloy, Weldmold, Weldwire


AllState, Ampco, Eutectic, Inweld, Harris Welco, Weldwire

Nickel Alloys

Arcos, Eutectic, Haynes, Inco, Inweld, Stoody, Techalloy

Cobalt Alloys

Arcos, Eutectic, Stoody


Eutectic, Hobart, Lincoln, McKay, Trimark, Stoody, Stulz-Sickles, AmAlloy

Cast Iron

AllState, Eutectic, Harris Welco, Inweld, Stoody, Weldwire


Aufhauser, Eutectic, J.W. Harris, Inweld, Ney Metals



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